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Dark Halo Under Eye

Are you tired of trying a variety of treatments such as ineffective chemical peels, lotions and makeup for dark halos under your eyes with no resolution? Welcome to Superior Medical Centers, where all your cosmetic needs are addressed in the utmost professional and skilled way.

Contrary to belief, dark circles under the eyes are not a result of pigmentation but rather fat loss, sign of aging, and having a genetic predisposition to this condition. Hence, the collapsed skin looks darker in both men and women creating the dark halo appearance that can be difficult to get rid of. Dark circle, fine lines under the eyes in addition to eye bags make people appear older than their actual age. Friends and family often assume that the under eye sagginess and halos are due to fatigue and sleep deprivation. During your consultation, Dr. Girgis will recommend specific lasers to resurface the fine skin under the eye to enhance skin tightening and prevent the skin sag under the eye and use appropriate fillers to finalize the process.

Family history, getting older as well as the natural loss of fat, collagen and skin elasticity in the delicate skin of the under eye are all reasons why most people seek cosmetic procedures. Dr. Girgis is able to even the hollowness; correct the dark circles and eliminate the puffy under eye bags with different combination of various fillers we carry at Super Medical Centers. By combining FDA approved injectable fillers with advanced laser technology, we are able to provide maximum non-surgical impressive results.

Before deciding on any cosmetic procedure, be sure to discuss your options with an experienced physician such as Dr. Girgis. Surgical medical procedures can be expensive, painful, have a long recovery time without the option of reversal or result guarantee. Trust your face to Superior Medical Centers, where all consultations are confidential and complimentary.