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Testosterone Replacement in Weston, FL

We will make you feel your best with a safe and scientific treatment approach to testosterone replacement therapy. Hormone Replacement Therapy in men addresses many chronic symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, male erectile dysfunction, male orgasm disorders, low libido, and premature ejaculation to name a few. Dr. Girgis has more than 15 years experience in men’s health and testosterone replacement. As one of his many areas of expertise, this insures your treatment is comprehensive and unique to your medical health. During your visit with us you’ll receive full education about the safety of testosterone replacement, including an extensive medical literature review. This is done with every man to explain the cardiovascular and prostate benefits versus risks based on scientific medical evidence from top journals such as the Mayo Clinic, JAMA and other medical scientific literature. Additionally, Dr. Girgis is a pioneer in penile enlargement procedure using a uniquely specialized formula to deliver a significant difference in the thickness of the penis. We also offer treatment for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual dysfunction conditions.

What our client say:

“I have been coming to Dr. Girgis for almost a year now for hormone therapy and I cant believe the person I have become. I did not believe there was any hope from feeling tired, depressed and having no motivation or sex drive. After taking the hormones I feel like a new person, more energy more motivation and more sex drive. I would recommend this treatment to all. Thank you Dr. for making me a new me.”
-Feb 26, 2020

“Dr. Girgis is amazing. I came in five months ago for a physical and checkup and leaving today a new person. He doesn’t rush you into anything or use high pressure or guilt to get you to change your lifestyle and habits. He does a thorough medical check before starting you on any program. After starting the HRT and diet program three months ago, I am down over 40 lbs and over 4 inches of waistline. His program is easy to follow and you get used to the changes quickly. I have a ton more energy, sleep great and am all around happier than I was before I came to Dr. Girgis. I have to replace my whole wardrobe now, which isn’t a bad thing. Change isn’t easy but is totally worth it.”
-James Richardson – Jul 17, 2019

“My experience with Dr. Girgis has been so positive and literally changed my life. I came in feeling exhausted, no energy, no libido, unable to focus, sleep and gaining weight. After beginning hormone replacement therapy I have seen such a huge improvement in my overall health and well being. I no longer feel as if I cannot get thru the day and have my energy back. He and his staff have been so attentive to my needs and take every symptom detail into account when treating me.”
-Aug 06, 2018

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