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Peyronie’s Disease

Non-surgical penile injectable of different formulas is used for individuals with Peyronie’s disease. More than 200,000 Americans suffer from this condition and are usually caused by repeated penile injury, during sex or physical activity. This treatment helps to alleviate the restrictive fibrous scar tissue inside the penis that causes curved and painful erections.

Peyronie’s disease can develop all of a sudden or gradually over time. Scar tissue is a common manifestation of Peyronie’s disease that can be felt as hard bands of tissue and lumps under the penis. As a result of the scar tissue, the penis curves upwards, downwards to the side, causing narrowing, shortening or an hourglass appearance.

At Superior Medical Centers, Dr. Girgis injects a proprietary mix and other natural injections, some of which is extracted from your own blood. The area will be numbed prior to injecting the penis to allow for maximum comfort during the procedure. Dr. Girgis has performed many of these procedures over the years making him the pioneer of non-surgical penile enlargement and treating Peyronie’s disease. Because in Peyronie’s disease, the erect penis is unable to elongate or stretch to its maximum effect, the penis appears disfigured, causing pain during the erection or sexual intercourse and ultimately emotional stress, frustration, and embarrassment. Dr. Girgis specializes in sexual health and medicine in addition to other specialties, and truly understands the anatomical and scientific approach to treating this disorder. At Superior Medical Centers, we strongly believe in patient education and with almost 30 years of expertise in the medical field, Dr. Girgis explains in great detail to ensure that the patient fully understands the disease process, and the treatment involved in order to make the best-informed decision. Check out our reviews on our website to read the positive experiences of other patients treated by Dr. Girgis first hand, and then make your complimentary consultation.