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Non-Surgical Lip, Cheek, and Chin Augmentation

In addition to our advanced top of the line lasers we carry at Superior Medical Centers, we also offer all injectable fillers present on the market to address every area of facial and skin concern. We use fillers to rejuvenate the face such as enhancing the shape and volume of the lips, reducing the appearance of smoker lines, augment the chin, lift the cheeks, erase nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and the marionette lines (outer corners of the mouth).

Dr. Girgis has broad mastery with the Juvederm family line of products and uses the appropriate filler to address specific areas of concern to provide a younger and more youthful visage. Ultimately, this will lead to a 15-20 year reduction in your facial appearance.

One of the most sought out procedures amongst women of all ages is the enhancement of lip augmentation. Dr. Girgis is known for creating the most symmetrical and poutiest lips possible. This injectable gel filler contains a numbing agent making the experience comfortable. Lips and checks are the centerpieces of every woman’s face, and that is why it is vital that these long-lasting treatments are performed by a medically licensed and experienced physician.

Lifted cheekbones are known to be the cornerstone of youth and beauty. Dr. Girgis uses Juvederm Voluma to restore the age-related volume depletion in the cheeks to lift and develop the cheekbones with immediate result. Dr. Girgis places this naturally bioavailable hyaluronic acid filler precisely in the mid-face region to raise areas of depression, resulting in an attractive appearance.

Over the years, Dr. Girgis has discovered that Radiesse is a great option for chin augmentation and is an effective nonsurgical and outpatient procedure. This filler is unique in the way that it delivers calcium-based microspheres to the chin providing a strong and a youthful looking chin. This filler is Dr. Girgis’s personal choice for chin augmentation as this filler is made of the same mineral found in human teeth and bones. Dr. Girgis injects in such a manner that creates a beautifully sculpted jawline and chin that compliments and frames the other facial structures.

Dr. Girgis customizes the FDA approved Sculptra filler to improve the appearance of aging skin folds, indented chin surfaces, hollowed cheeks, and sunken eyes. Dr. Girgis utilizes his own special technique to enhance the overall facial symmetry and radiance tailored specifically to each individual. Dr. Girgis’s work speaks for itself as he utilizes his own specialized method to help enhance collagen in the skin naturally over time.

Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation

Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation