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Laser Non-Surgical Face Lift

At Superior Medical Centers, we use an armamentarium of laser equipment and state-of-the-art-technology that we utilize to completely change and transform the facial features, skin tone and texture, deep wrinkles as well as removing years of sun damage and age spots. This can be achieved with no downtime and without having to undergo surgery. Dr. Girgis is able to provide his patients with the latest lasers at a very affordable cost. Due to the expertise at Superior Medical Centers, amazing results are achieved with usually only one session.

Non-surgical face lift is performed with the aid of cutting-edge laser technology delivering skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments without any incisions. Most patients come in during lunch break or after work hours, as the procedures are associated with little to no downtime, and patients can expect to spend 1 hour from start to finish.

The goal of a non-surgical face lift is to remove several years off the person’s age. At times, Dr. Girgis uses a number of different treatments and procedures address the effects of aging, and reverse it in one setting. It is critical to trust your face to a physician that has years of experience in the cosmetic field. Dr. Girgis not only has the cosmetic passion and proficiency, but also has a very artistic eye in the arena of cosmetic beautification procedures.

As we age, we lose the volume and fat pads in our face that give the youthful appearance. The areas that usually show early signs of aging are the loss of collagen in the cheeks, wrinkling around the mouth, underneath the eyes, lips and temples. Dr. Girgis customizes each individual’s procedure by reversing the signs of aging by strategically personalizing a treatment that restores youth, and provides a radiant and luminous healthy skin.

Most patients complain about the effects of gravity that causes jowls and cheeks to droop creating a sad and old appearance. At Superior Medical Centers, we have top of the line lasers that will burn the unsightly droopy jowl fat, remove wrinkles around the mouth and fine lines of the face and tighten the skin of the face and neck. At times, we may have to utilize more than one laser; however, the end result is nothing shy of stunning.

With the plethora of lasers, we have at our disposal, we are able to correct all areas of facial concerns such as flattening the nasal labial folds, marionette lines, create a high definition jawline and lift the cheeks all with the ultimate goal of a non-surgical face lift that will have everyone guessing. Beauty is skin deep, so trust your face to only the best. Check out our before and after photos on our website, or better yet visit us in person to have a complimentary consultation with Dr. Girgis in his beautiful office

Laser Non-surgical Face lift and skin Rejuvenation
Laser Non-surgical Face lift and skin Rejuvenation
Laser Non-surgical Face lift and skin Rejuvenation
Laser Non-surgical Face lift and skin Rejuvenation