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Non-Surgical Vaginal Vulva Rejuvenation

The revolutionary Juliet laser is the optimal solution for any woman seeking non-surgical vaginal vulva and labial rejuvenation. This laser procedure helps to improve vaginal dryness and atrophy while increasing lubrication and decreasing pain during sexual intercourse.

Dr. Girgis complements this laser procedure with supplements and hormone replacement therapy (if necessary) to ensure optimal results. Every patient is assessed on an individual basis in order to maximize each woman’s personal goals. Significant results are noticeable after the first treatment due to this Erbium technology that delivers controlled thermal energy to the vaginal tissues and canal providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Additionally, this non-surgical labiaplasty laser is also utilized for women who suffer from enlarged and droopy labia causing shame and embarrassment during sexual intimacy. The droopiness can also be visualized in certain clothing and swimwear which causes humiliation. During the Juliet laser procedure, a rotating disposable hand piece will be utilized to maintain personal hygiene and sanitation for each patient. The rotating hand piece provides a consistent and steady 360° treatment delivering two passes of energy for vaginal remodeling. The Juliet laser utilizes a microspot handle that selectively focuses the treatment area by a combination of ablation and coagulation with no side effects for both the labia and vaginal canal. There is virtually no downtime and is a safe and effective procedure providing a gratifying sexual experience. The Juliet laser also addresses medical issues such as urinary incontinence and leakage as well as other undesired urological conditions.