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Positive for COVID-19 (Delta Omicron, or WHATEVER!!!) OR THE FLU and have symptoms?

The girigs covid & flu cocktail is better than any other treatment available, 98.4% success rate! It helps with all covid strains and the flu. Patients have 80-90% improvement of all symptoms within 12-24 hours.

How does it work? The injection helps with:

  • Reducing systemic inflammation/symptoms
  • Maximizing the immune response to trigger destruction of the virus

All are prescription medications used everyday combined in an innovative mix that was based on science and common sense!

We are saving lives everyday. We treat immediately reducing progression to hospitalization and severe complications

We did a thorough data search and updated the number of patients we treated. As of today, 12/28/21, we have treated 187 patients with the GIRGIS COVID & FLU COCKTAIL.  STILL ONLY 3 patients were hospitalized after treatment (These are the same 3 from earlier this year). One was a cancer patient actively receiving chemotherapy, the other patient was a heavy smoker (2 packs per day) who did not disclose his smoking status with us at the time, and the last patient came to us after 15 days of progressive symptoms.  The GIRGIS COVID & FLU COCKTAIL has a 98.4% success rate based on this data (calculated 3/187= 98%) . (160 MOSTLY COVID BUT ALSO NOW INCLUDING FLU CASES)

This is not a coincidence, the GIRGIS COVID & FLU COCKTAIL works!!

Please tell your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about this treatment. We are willing to work with all patients to get them the treatment they need!

Early treatment of covid & flu is imperative in preventing hospitalization and long-term symptoms