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Sun Damage and Dark Spot Removal

Facial sun spots, age spots and uneven skin discolorations are why our revolutionary dark spots removal laser is the most sought after. The laser provides skin rejuvenation with a healthy flawless and perfectly clear skin makes makeup an optional choice. Living in sunny Florida, it is difficult to stay away from the harsh UV sun exposure even with the application of sunscreen, wearing sunglasses and protecting your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Most patients have years of sun damage before they decide to seek treatment. Despite the years of neglected skin and damage, Dr. Girgis is able to provide each and every patient with the best option to remove unsightly spots. You can check out our before and after photos to see what a transformation just one treatment has done for our patients.

The cause of dark spots is the naturally occurring pigment we all have in our skin called “melanin”. Melanin is responsible in giving us our skin its color and protects us from the sun. Too much melanin in one area of the skin results in the dark spots and patches seen in some people. At Super Medical Centers, all consultations are welcomed, educational and complimentary to address concerns of brown spots, sunspots, age spots, melasma, skin mottling and brown facial pigmentation.

We encourage all our patients to protect their skin on a daily basis from the environmental toxins and genetic susceptibility that work against our skin. No matter what the skin concerns is, we have you covered. Dr. Girgis uses a multitude of approaches to help you achieve luminously glowing skin. You can trust your skin and face to an expert, whether it is dark spots, freckles, solar keratosis, lentigines (liver spots), melasma or any other hyperpigmentation concerns

Limelight laser is a non-invasive light treatment that is customizable for different skin tones, textures, and aging conditions to reduce facial and body pigmentation as well as balancing color and complexion. A one time non-invasive treatment leads to exceptional skin revitalization with minimal discomfort. Limelight laser treats sun spots, benign pigmented lesions, and vascular concerns all in the same treatment.

Sun Damage and Dark Spot Removal after 1 treatment
Sun Damage Dark Spot Removal
Dark spot and birth mark Removal