Medically Scientific Weight Loss

Our weight loss program, ideal for men and women, focuses on enhancing and changing your metabolism using different approaches.  It’s uniquely designed for every individual patient to achieve long term results, unlike other programs where you will drop the weight only to gain it back. You’ll receive a customized diet plan to burn the most fat based on your personal goals.  Dr. Girgis will recommend weight training exercises catered to you to help you slim down and build strength.  Dr. Girgis is a fitness and nutrition expert who can help you stay motivated and meet your personal fitness goals.  Let us help you look better, feel better, and be healthier with our customized weight loss program.

What Our Clients Say

“Weight Loss Program with Adipex results have been excellent so far! I am starting my 3 month of the program and am down from 200 lbs to 169.5 lbs Excellent and caring staff. All questions that I have are always answered and are encouraged, which helps build that level of trust that you come to expect from your GP.”

Gloria C – Aug 21, 2019

“Dr. Girgis is amazing. I came in five months ago for a physical and checkup and leaving today a new person. He doesn’t rush you into anything or use high pressure or guilt to get you to change your lifestyle and habits. He does a thorough medical check before starting you on any program. After starting the HRT and diet program three months ago, I am down over 40 lbs and over 4 inches of waistline. His program is easy to follow and you get used to the changes quickly. I have a ton more energy, sleep great and am all around happier than I was before I came to Dr. Girgis. I have to replace my whole wardrobe now, which isn’t a bad thing. Change isn’t easy but is totally worth it.”

James Richardson – Jul 17, 2019

“I have been extremely happy and grateful with Dr. Girgis and his staff. His weightloss program has been very successful for me. I have PCOS and it was always challenging for me to lose weight. With his guidance and his specialized program, I have been able to lose weight, gain energy and confidence as well. I feel better than I have in years! I highly recommend Dr. Girgis and his staff to anyone seeking to lose weight or looking for a primary doctor. He also has low wait times and his staff provide excellent customer service. Very happy patient!”

Weston, FL – Jun 06, 2019

“This is more than a weight loss program which, indeed, works very good as it is efficient, safe and smooth. Dr. Girgis is fully engaged with the overall health condition of the patients so it is a full improvement wellness plan fully recommended for anyone who wants to look better, feel better.”

Jan 07, 2019

“El programa de adelgazamiento es excelente, muy controlado por especialistas y la dieta es facil de hacer. Todo el equipo medico es muy amable, profesional y tienen flexibilidad en los horarios. Totalmente recomendado.”

Aug 23, 2019

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