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Facial Wrinkles Reduction

In our practice at Superior Medical Centers, we have several options to help achieve the best option for each client. We have all the products and tools at our disposal that we carefully select for each client in order to deliver the desired look. Superior Medical Centers has all the state of the art lasers, facial fillers and wrinkle reducer products to provide a long-lasting and youthful effect. Based on the patient’s age, facial features and anatomy, the appropriate product will be hand-selected for each client in a customized approach.

Dr. Girgis has extensive experience in injecting Botox to block the nerve signals of certain muscle and wrinkles. Another approach to reducing facial wrinkles is by using lasers such as the Cle groups, causing them to become more relaxed and hence reducing the appearance of fine lines cutera Pearl Fractional laser to renew the superficial skin imperfections and reduce signs of aging and wrinkles. Another anti-aging modality we use at Superior Medical Centers is the Secret RF to diminish the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles as well as other skin concerns such as acne scars. Dr. Girgis uses specific facial fillers to soften the appearance of stubborn wrinkles that the other modalities are unable to achieve the perfect wrinkle-free image.

Dr. Girgis has a special technique and truly understands the anatomical facial muscles and customizes the injections for each individual based on their facial features. Dr. Girgis is able to inject in a manner where the results last up to 6 months