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Non-Surgical Body Sculpture and Contouring

Weight loss is a common struggle among men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. At Superior Medical Centers, we utilize the most powerful, revolutionary non-invasive and non-surgical TruSculpt ID laser to deliver a zero downtime fat reduction radiofrequency procedure. Unlike other painful and ineffective lasers on the market, TruSculpt ID laser applies heat to the entire fat layer in comfortable skin temperature. We target large and small areas of the face and the body by reducing 25% of the subcutaneous undesired fat pockets. Wave goodbye to flabby arms, touching inner thighs, and stubborn belly fat with this cutting edge laser.

Another non-surgical cosmetic breakthrough procedure is the Secret RF (Radio frequency) laser used for the reduction of cellulite, dimpled skin and stretch marks. This laser uses minimally invasive micro-needles with little to no downtime. At Superior medical Centers, we select patients that benefit the most from customized dermal remodeling to achieve a stretch mark and cellulite-free body with a smooth derriere.

Dr. Girgis enjoys helping patients achieve their fitness goals as a Winner of 1987 Body Building Title Lightweight of Egypt Universities. Dr. Girgis can assist you to achieve your fitness and health goals with the right diet and exercise routine. Based on his experience and as a bodybuilder himself, Dr. Girgis tailors a diet program with daily caloric intake to help increase your metabolism and lose inches weekly until the desired goal is reached. We have specific strategies in place to help reshape your lifestyle by adopting healthy new habits and breaking the unhealthy ones. Our comprehensive weight loss technique focuses on eating in such a way that you are able to sustain it for a lifetime. Studies show that it takes 21 days to create a new habit and with our weight loss program, it can be easily achieved due to the appetite curbing medications, supplements and the easy to follow workout routines. We hold you accountable by monthly visits to our office during which we provide fat burning injections to help you along the way. Based on your size, shape, and any physical limitations that you may have, Dr. Girgis provides customized cardiovascular and weight lifting exercise routines highlighting the number of repetitions and amount of weight to use in your weight loss journey.