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I recently had laser lipo to remove the stubborn fat on my abdomen and flanks. Dr. Girgis and his staff were wonderful. They kept me comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I must say that it was painless and recovery time was super fast. I was able to attend a mandatory work meeting the day after my procedure.

Maria from Hollywood, Aug 01, 2019

THE BEST LIPOSUCTION DR IN MIAMI !!!I had my arms and legs liposuction on Tuesday….. Friday I was dancing in the night club …… when he told me I will go to the gym in 1 week I could not believe it …….. fastest recovery and least painful plastic surgery ever in my life ……. in Colombia or Miami , best assistant staff , Shay and Kristin thank you for all you did for me. Dr Girgis you are the best in every specialty you do , I am bringing my best friend for full body liposuction and Brazilian BUTT lift , love you all in superior medical care!

Mairelys Carrillo – Jul 28, 2019

As a Senior Citizen, I dreamed of having Lipo Fortunately, my Doctor offered services, and I decided itsnow or never. My experience was more pleasant than I could of ever anticipated. The professionalism of the Doctor and Nurses was comforting, also the constant attention made me relaxed. I was awake, pain was minimal, staff worked as a team, even had my choice of music in operating room, to relax me. Follow up care was outstanding, the whole staff made me feel as if I was a very important patient. So glad I went a head and did something just for me. The only regret is that I did not have procedures sooner.!!!!

Gloria - June 19, 2019

Dr Girgis is a GEM! He did my liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks I am the confidence to wear clothing that I never used to be able to do so in the past, as I was self consciousabout my derriere. I had the procedure done 3 weeks ago and after day #2 I was already at work and did not have to take but 2 days of PTO from work. I am going to a school reunion in Hawaii end of this summer, and I can NOT wait to attend the reunion now that I have the confidence. My body has been sculpted and I have an hour glass figure. Dr Girgis is very meticulous and has an artistic eye. I just can’t think him enough. I used to go to the gym religiously but was never able to lose some excess fat around my stomach and I was never born with a buttocks. Thanks to Dr Girgis, I am so happy with the outcome of my BBL. The procedure was done awake and I was face timing my mom. The staff were FANTASTIC and told me what to expect from beginning to end. I simply wanted to say THANK YOU!!

Java , Nashville, TN – April 2019

I had the liposuction (fat transfer) and Brazilian butt lift a week ago. I’m impressed with the results my stomach is looking firmer and more defined. My butt lift looks amazing too. The wonderful thing about it is that the recovery period was fast I did the procedure on Thursday and by Monday I was back at work. Dr Girgis gave me confidence and trust to undergo this procedure. He is one of the best and will definitely return to have a plasma and laser facial. Thank you Dr Girgis.

Sherry Ann – May 3rd, 2019
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